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Nine Questions You Should Ask Your Corporate Lawyer

Date Added: May 14, 2008 12:44:26 PM
Author: ST
Category: California: Business and Corporate Law
In many ways, your corporate attorney is more important than even your personal attorney, because he or she is responsible for protecting the legal aspects of your business. Your search for the right corporate attorney should be extensive, and it is important to interview several possible candidates before making a decision.

To help you in your search for the perfect corporate attorney, ask him or her the following nine questions:

1. How long have you practiced corporate law?

The word ‘corporate’ in that question is imperative, because it really doesn’t matter how long the attorney has been practicing any other type of law. Corporate law is a very specialized form of practice, and your corporate attorney should have experience in this area.

2. What type of corporate law do you specialize in?

Some corporate attorneys only handle the incorporation process, while others specialize in corporate lawsuits. Find out what type of law the corporate attorney specializes in, and determine if his or her answer meets your needs.

3. What is your experience with the [entertainment] industry?

Experience in your specific industry may be important, or it may just be icing on the cake. Whatever the case, find out if the corporate attorney has worked with other businesses in your industry to see if he or she can meet your needs.

4. What other attorneys, assistants and paralegals will be working with my company?

Often, it isn’t just the corporate attorney who will be handling your business, but also other members of his or her staff. Determine the competence of all of the members of the corporate attorney’s staff.

5. Can you give me a break-down of your fees?

Corporate attorneys – and all other types of lawyers – are notorious for charging their clients for every piece of paper they use and every pencil they break. Find out how the corporate attorney charges their clients, and for what purpose.

6. Do you have templates for contracts, agreements and policies that I can use for my business?

It is often much less expensive for a corporate attorney to use template documents rather than drafting ones specifically for your business.

7. Do you have experience with employment law?

All corporate attorneys will not have experience with employment law, but it is certainly a plus if they do.

8. Do you have experience with taxes?

A corporate attorney who also has experience with taxes will be an additional bonus. He or she can advise you on ways to save on your taxes, and on tax cuts that you might not have otherwise considered.

9. Do you have experience in preventing litigation?

An experienced attorney should be well-versed in preventing litigation wherever possible.

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